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Our Vision

Myraben is a new company in the ebook market. It offers a fast growing internet service that offers its customers a large online digital library. Our main theme is yoga and wellness.
More than just a book, we offer our clients a real source of information that will allow them to discover the wonderful world of yoga. 

Our Mission

We want to offer our customers the best quality / price ratio. For customer growth, we are working to create a convenient environment. This is why the quality and efficiency of our service is important. We set ourselves the goal of improving the daily life of our customers by offering them the best of the ebook.

Our courses

 The classic

Hatha yoga is the most traditional since it covers all kinds of yoga. It adapts to everyone, so that by dint of postures, stretching, breathing, the body is prepared for meditation.

The dynamic

This form of yoga involves rapid series of positions that combine breathing and action. Ashtanga yoga strengthens the muscles and improves your flexibility.

The stable

The Kundalini is for experienced people. Between stable postures, choreography and breathing exercises, the goal is above all to focus the session around the spine.

The modern

Here, we put everything on the body. Meditation is significantly relegated to the background for the benefit of muscle strengthening. Breathing is also of prime importance here.

Better breathing

Yoga improves breathing and breathing. Digital Yoga courses include specific breathing exercises. They allow you to learn to better control your breathing. But also to purify and strengthen his body. In addition, by breathing deeply, the brain but also the blood, tissues, muscles ... are better oxygenated. 

Better flexibility

Being flexible is not just about successfully touching your feet with your fingers while flexing your chest! Yoga postures aim to relax many parts of the body that are knotted, tense, blocked ... or quite simply that we never or little move in everyday life. This is the opportunity to rediscover his anatomy!

Discover your inner self through quality courses

Quality courses

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I practiced yoga for several years in the center, but I had no more time to go there. My subscription to Myraben allowed me to practice yoga at home. I was able to pick up on the basics I already had but I was also able to learn new things about well-being and relaxation techniques. I suggest it to you

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“Yoga is a light, which once turned on never goes out. The better you practice, the brighter the light. »

- B.K.S Iyengar

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